Softball (JV) Event Columbus East High School Softball (V)

Columbus East Athletics hosting IHSAA Softball Sectional #14 - Tourney Info

By Dennis Pierce | May 16, 2024 3:11 PM

1. Dates May 20th, May 21st, May 23rd 2. Times May 20th: 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm May 21st: 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm May 23rd: 6:30 pm 3. Admission Single Game Ticket: $7.00 All Games Ticket: $15.00 Digital Tickets Only 4. Passes for Players and Coaches: Players and coaches on the roster will be admitted at no charge. A sign-in sheet will be available for administrators and coaches’ families. Everyone else must purchase a ticket. 5. Player-Bench Occupants: During the game, only eligible players (max. 20), coaches, team, managers, the scorekeeper, and the trainer may occupy the players’ bench. Any other unauthorized person should be instructed to remove themselves from the players’ bench. We will provide water, but teams will need to bring their own water bottles for refill. 6. Practice Sessions: The field is not available for team practices prior to pre-game infield warm-ups. Teams may use the baseball field to warm up. Each team can use one batting cage for warm-up as well. There will be 30 minutes for transition between games. Infield practice – Home Team: 10 minutes duration, 30 minutes before the starting time. Infield practice – Visiting Team: 10 minutes duration, 20 minutes before the starting time. Coaches/Umpires Meeting – 10 minutes before the starting time. National Anthem and Intros- 5 minutes before the starting time 7. Athlete Trainers: Athletic Trainers will be on site with ice and ready to provide any other athletic training services you may need. 8. Restrictions Principals should inform students and adult fans of the following IHSAA tourney restrictions: Banners/posters, no battery-powered or electronics, sirens or whistles are allowed and live animal mascots are not permitted. IHSAA Spring Bulletin 2023-24 Vol. 118, No. 3; page 53, XXII, A-E. 9. Site Restrictions: We ask that players and coaches not chew gum or sunflower seeds on turf. Players should use molded cleats, turf shoes, or tennis shoes. No Metal Spikes. We are a tobacco free campus. No pets are allowed on school property. 10. Photographers: IHSAA Spring Bulletin 2023-24 Vol. 118, No. 3; XV page 50 A-E. 11. Newspapers: IHSAA Spring Bulletin 2023-24 Vol. 118, No. 3; XV page 50 A-E. 12. Radio Coverage: All requests should be made to the CEHS Athletics at 812-376-4365 13. Line-up cards: Will be issued by the IHSAA. Columbus East will supply each school with one line-up card for each game. 14. Parking: Team buses may let players and team staff off at the main gate entrance. 15. Press Box: Each team will have one reserved spot in the press box. Only media and game personnel will be allowed in the press box. 16. Financial Terms: Financial Report will be submitted to the IHSAA and participating schools. 17. Draw/Pairings: Monday, May 20th, 2024 6:00 pm Game 1 Columbus East vs Franklin Community 7:30 pm (estimate) Game 2 Columbus North vs Shelbyville Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 6:00 pm Game 3 Whiteland Community vs Winner of Game #1 7:30 pm (estimate) Game 4 East Central vs. Winner of Game #2 Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 6:30 pm Game 5 Winner of Game #3 vs. Winner of Game #4 If we are rained out, we will push everything to the next day: The second-named team in each game is designated as the Home team. For the Championship Game, should one of the two teams not have been designated as the home team in previous Sectional games, that team shall be the home team in the Championship Game. The Home team shall have the choice of the dugout, except when playing against Columbus East. In those games, Columbus East will be in the third base dugout. The official starting time for the second game will be announced at the end of the first game. 18. Reporting Tournament Results: Participating Schools: All schools participating in the softball state tournaments are required to set up an account on for their team. Each school will be required to report the final score from each state tournament game to their account within 30 minutes of the completion of each contest. The winner of the even-numbered sectional site will host the one-game regional and serve as the home team. The IHSAA reserves the right to approve sites based on minimum standards. 19. Awards: Runner-up Ball, Sectional Championship Trophy Game Timeline The main gate will open one (1) hour before game time Monday May, 20th, Tuesday, May 21st 6:00 pm Game 1: Columbus East vs Franklin Community & Game 3: Whiteland vs. Winner of Game 1 ● 5:30-5:40 – Infield (Home Team) – 10 minutes ● 5:40-5:50 – Infield (Visiting Team) – 10 minutes ● 5:50-5:55 – Coaches/Umpires Meeting ● 5:55-6:00 – Starting Lineups/National Anthem Monday, May 20th, Tuesday, May 21st (30 minutes following the previous game) Game 2: Columbus North vs Shelbyville & Game 4: East Central vs. Winner of Game 2 ● Infield (Home Team) – 10 minutes ● Infield (Visiting Team) – 10 minutes ● Coaches/Umpires Meeting - 5 minutes ● Starting Lineups/National Anthem - 5 minutes Thursday, May 23rd (6:30 pm) Championship: Winner of Game 4 vs. Winner of Game 3 ● 6:00-6:10 – Infield (Home Team) – 10 minutes ● 6:10-6:20 – Infield (Visiting Team) – 10 minutes ● 6:20-6:25 – Coaches/Umpires Meeting ● 6:25-6:30 – Starting Lineups